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Mind, body and soul in balance

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Balance, yes that's a great word. I love it when my bank book balances, especially when there is some left over. LOL

Life is a juggling act they say... the trick is to juggle to your skill level. However, the only way to juggle more is to throw one or two more balls in.

Focus is a key to balance. What are our goals and dreams? They say to cut out all that does not feed our dream. Remember the 4 domains of life? (Vocation, Health & Wellness, Love & Relationships, and time & Money Freedom) What is distracting you from fulfilling your goals and dreams in those areas?

I love doing & trying many different things. What I found was that some important things did not develop as quickly or at all because I was busy trying new things, when what I really wanted to develop sat on the shelf collecting dust.

Becoming focused and cutting out things that did not feed the main dreams was not and is not easy. Now that I understand more about how focusing with my time and my money greatly contributes to the obtaining of my dreams, my life has changed and I have a passion to share with others.

Focusing for balance is a new way of living for some of us. I believe that you have the potential in you to reach the dreams that have been placed in your heart & mind and the ability to connect with the infinite.

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