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With Coach Patti, ZOOM Group & E-Kit/Digital DreamBuilder Program

With Coach Patti, ZOOM Group & E-Kit/Digital DreamBuilder Program

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The DreamBuilder Program is created by Mary Morrissey of the Brave thinking Institute. As a trained life coach of the Brave Thinking Institute I've been given permissions to sell and teach/coach the Dream Builder Program.


Group Coaching-There are 10 steps that this program will bring you through and it takes 12-13 weeks.  Apply them and work them and you will succeed. This program is built on universal principles that people such as Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, and Tony Robbins apply in their lives to be successful.


A. BLUEPRINTING: 1.Discovering Your Dream 2. Designing and Testing Your Dream 3. Increasing Your Sense of Deserving B. BRIDGING: 4. Befriending Your Fear 5. Welcoming a Greater Flow of Abundance 6. Evolving Your Perceptions C. BUILDING: 7. Listening to the Still Small Voice 8. Harnessing the Power of Believing 9. Turning Failure into a Stepping Stone D. BECOMING: 10. Harvesting Your Dream

This course is valued at $5000. and Patti G Enterprises is offering it for $1260. per person in a group session. This offer won't last forever, catch it while you can.  
Payments are made by E-Transfer to OR https// OR we have Credit Card payment over the phone. PayPal also takes Credit Card.


You are worth investing in. Welcome home!!


Patti adds a printable block/paradigm written meditations for FREE in live zoom trainings.


The DreamBuilder Program is valued at $5000.00  Pattti purposefully keeps the pricing affordable even if payments are needed; she is committed to your success.


Payment: e-transfer, paypal, over the phone with credit card


    Fee will be $2100. soon; grab the present fee while you can


    There is no refund. It is a program that works if you work it. If you get tooo busy it can be picked up at a later date. Your coach will give directions and assistance to see if it has to be put on hold. 


    All set up fees are included in the price.

C$5,000.00 Regular Price
C$1,260.00Sale Price
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